ex-Anti - Patik drummer Philippe, old days with The Klansmen t-shirt, nowdays singer for SHARP band Hard Times, proud member of SHARP Paris, very proud faggot and Jew! Anti-racists but Hail to Israel special forces! Thanks for give us AGAIN a reason to prove that SHARP/RASH it was from the beginning a false of Antifa (made by Israel) puppets.

...psychological problems continues:

From: philippe wagner (phil.wagner@hotmail.fr)
To: glorydaysrac@hotmail.com
oh yeahhh i saw skrewdriver back in the days just like brutal attack and many more, don't be jealous, it's ok. but it's 22 years ago. that's how you're late. how old were you nigger by the way? and yes i'm jewish. got a problem with it? too late now we know how to fight and we do it good! anytime you pass by paris i'm up to fuck you to death bitch ass fruit cake; you're nothin but a white nigger

shabbat shalom
philippe "avichaï" Wagner